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Some well thought-out backward integration has enabled us to start Structural Fabrication from the seminal plate-preparation stage, through plate and profile cutting and up to the fabrication, erection and testing of the structures made by us.

As a logical evolution of cutting plates and profiles to suit every customerís needs, we have, in the past decade, diversified into manufacturing and fabrication of steel and aluminium linear structures.

We however, retain plate and profile cutting as an area of core-competence, and as an end in itself.

CNC Plasma Profile/Plate cut parts, components, plates & profiles of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.
Light medium fabrication covering sections ranging from 3mm to 70 mm thick and upto 17 mtrs length and 6 mtrs width and 4 mtrs height.
Hull Block manufacturing and outfitting for ships..
Fabricated components used on ships for the Indian Navy.
Weight of each section upto 60MT.
Welding, Insulation and paneling.
Plate preparation with Grit blasting/Quartz Blasting/Sand Blasting and Spray painting with Airless Spray Gun.
Surface preparation and painting of fabricated structures.
Allied Jobs
Launching Ways/ Slipways for ships.
Interior decoration for ships and offices.
including flooring, insulation and paneling, false ceiling etc.
Treated & seasoned timber and timber components, planks etc.
Fabrication work in progress WIP

DRY DOCK GATE erection

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