+91 9831718181
Regd & Admn Office: 24 Jawaharlal Nehru Road,Calcutta 700087
Factory Premises:
1 : 31 D C Dey Road, Kolkata 700015
2 : 84 ABC New Jessore Road, Kolkata 700132 (Sister Concern)
Registered with MoD PSUs, NSIC, ROC, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Professional Tax, ESI, PF, LIN etc. D&B and various large private sector infrastructure companies.

Key Activities
Manufacturing/fabrication of Ship Hull Blocks, Dry Dock Gates, Pre-Fabricated Girders, Trusses and other ISMB/ISMC/Tubular Structures for the shipping industry.
CNC PLASMA and OXYFUEL PRECISION CUT PLATES & PROFILES for Shipping, Railways, White-goods-appliances, Electrical Appliance industry and Auto industry etc.
Linear structural & modular fabrication from designing to execution to erection & testing - including, but not limited to, EPC contracts.
Key Achievements
Successfully executed structural fabrication and erection of a 100,000+ sqft mall for a German chain.
Successfully executed an EPC contract for one of India’s largest DRY DOCK GATES for an MoD PSU under their modernisation programme, upto testing and commissioning stage.
Successfully executing hull construction for various classes of Ships.
Successfully manufactured medium/large columnar structures for one of India’s leading Industrial houses.
Successfully supplying sheet-metal piece parts as components for defence organisations and railways etc.
CNC plate cutting operation

CNC plasma cut components

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