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D.D.Chopra & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
DIN standard compliant, plate and profile cutting.
Manufacturing of Ship-hull blocks and panels with marine grade steel.
Manufacturing, erection and commissioning of DRY DOCK GATES.
Linear structural & modular fabrication from designing to execution to erection and testing - EPC contracts.
Structural Fabrication.
Aluminum Blocks for ships.
MS Hull Blocks and panels for ships.
Fabrication and Erection of Pre-fabricated Structures.
Construction of Launching Ways for Ships.
Grit/Quartz/Sand Blasting.
Airless Spray Painting and Allied jobs.

P.L.Chopra HUF
Mono-layer Poly Ethylene Extrusion - LDPE & LLDPE Grades.
Slitting Aluminum Foil Laminates.

We offer the following products and services, encompassing piece-part
generation for larger vessels, fabrication, erection and commissioning of
modular and complete linear steel structures :
PIECE-PART generation:
CNC Plasma Cutting of MS steel-plate thicknesses of upto 25mm
with a piercing strength of 20mm.
Maximum Oxyfuel cutting thickness - 100mm for MS Plates
and 12mm for SS plates
End users - infrastructure providers such as Shipping, Railways,
Fly-overs and Bridges, Earth Moving Equipment and the White Goods
Appliance Industry
Our established and strong infrastructure has enhanced production with minimum
gestation time and allied expenses.

Preparation/Extraction of Engineering/Shop-drawings and/or working drawings
Sourcing and procurement of optimised raw-material
Nesting, Plate cutting and piece-part generation
Fabrication and manufacturing
Assembly and Erection
Testing and Commissioning

CNC marking facility

Shot-blasted & airless painted structure

Manufactured DRY DOCK GATE-200 mt.

Structural fabrication 275 mt.

Hull fabrication WIP

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