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DD Chopra & Co Pvt Ltd (DDCL) is in the business of cutting the sheet-metal, the way you draw, using state-of-the-art PLASMA and oxy-fuel cutting technology, with German-made CNC machines. Our CNC Plate and Profile cutting system generates custom-crafted sheet-metal/MS/Aluminium/Stainless Steel components for a diverse range of industries.
CNC Plate cutting – or Computer Numerically Controlled plate cutting is a thermo-dynamic process of using computers and software to cut steel/metal plates.
Through the use of computer routines, steel plate cutting has a significantly higher degree of control, accuracy (DIN8523) and speed.
Ever since our company was incorporated in 1955, our single-point agenda has been to provide total customer satisfaction, in an endeavour to deliver the highest quality of products & services, on time and cost effectively.
During the 60 years of DDCL’s growth, we have maintained strong business ethics and a value system that has guided us through the vagaries of every economic cycle.
The DDCL Group comprises of 3 registered companies, involved in the manufacture of Steel structures, products and components and food and pharmaceutical grade flexible packaging plastic films.
Clients Speak
"M/s DD Chopra & Co Pvt Ltd have successfully completed the Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning and Hydro-Testing of 3 large DRY DOCK GATES, for M/s GRSE Ltd (a PSU under MoD), as our Vendors. Their workmanship has been faultfree and they have complied with our stringent Quality and Contractual requirements. We wish them continued success."

Dibyendu Choudhuri
Sr. General Manager
ITD Cementation India Ltd

""We have been availing the services of M/s DD Chopra & Co.Pvt. Ltd for our plate cutting requirements for construction of various warships. They have given us very good services and have always responded promptly to our requirements even at short notice.""

Capt. KJH Christie (IN Retd.)
Director (Shipbuilding)
Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited,

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"We have used the CNC plasma Plate and profile cutting services of M/s DD Chopra & Co. Pvt. Ltd for our shipbuilding work. They have always maintained a very high standard of accuracy, have been absolutely punctual in their delivery and have maintained a competitive price .I am sure they are destined to contribute greatly to the shipbuilding and other steel fabricating industries with their services."
Bijit Sarkar
Naval Architect

"DD Chopra & Co Pvt Ltd has consistently maintained its fine quality and timely delivery schedules as our vendor for CNC Plasma Plate & Profile Cutting. They adhere to ethical and fair corporate standards with regard to prices and management. We wish them continued growth."
Pinaki Niyogy
Sr. General Manager
Head - Manufacturing & Operations
TIL Limited
(Tractors India Ltd)